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Organic natural functional ingredients - functional food/dietary supplement/cosmetics

  • Organic KaLOHaS+ bioactiveGreenKale powder and flakes (food & beverages, nutrition, cosmetics) /retail and FS
  • Organic Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices
  • Natural Danish historic SeaSalt
  •  Organic Ayurvedic herbs and Spices from India with provenance

Our vision: Enabling people in their Nutritional Journey to Healthy living and optimum Wellness

Our mission is to innovate, market, and promote our findings to people conscious of obtaining better lifestyles and lifelong health.

Green Gourmet A/S is a  small innovative producer and distributor of the ancient type Danish Curly Kale:

KaLOHaS+ organic bioactive powders and flakes - in retail /and bulk packaging. 

Ayurvedic organic Indian herbs and spices  from our partners  in the EU 

Philip Schroyen Belgian Pralinen in Japan

We export to Japan/Taiwan/Malaysia/UAE/India and in the EU. 

Latest news

KaLOHAS® bioactive kale powder shows good effect against lifestyle disease 

Promising results of clinical tests at Aarhus University Hospital on KaLOHAS - bioactive green kale in combat of lifestyle diseases - coming up next in March

Philip Schroyen Praline by GG  - ready for VALENTINES Japan 2019

VALENTINES 2019 JAPAN - great introduction of Fine Belgian Pralinen created by Philip Schroyen in 2018 made it possible to expand to 9 dptmt stores in Tokyo 2019

Art is Chocolate - Chocolate is art!

We are FIRST MOVER in Japan, and are now opening 4 departments with Belgian Praline chocolates...

Healthy Organic GreenKale Powder

Organic VIKING GreenKale matcha. Time is of the Essence - Power to the Plants - Balancing the Scales - Health to EveryONE...

Organic FD GreenKale Powder

Organic FD GreenKale Powder now available for private label: General supermarkets, Health stores, Pharmacies, Fitness Centres, Wellness and beauty-from within.

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