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A growing business
Fynbo Foods is a well-established food producer of Danish style preserves and the leading producer of preserves in the Danish market. Due to the increasing demand for Fynbo preserves, our facility has continued to expand over the years with increased capacity to meet consumer demand. Our production facilities include customized and scalable equipment to manufacture a wide range of products to meet a variety of consumer tastes and packaging needs.

The world is our market place
Fynbo Foods sells its products to retail, catering and  the industry in Denmark and countries around the world.

Quality and food safety
In focus Fynbo Foods' Quality Manual is based on the internationally recognized HACCP principles outlined by the Codex Alimentarius Commission guidelines and is certified according to the latest international food standards of BRC and IFS - Global Food Standards

Fynbo Foods maintains the highest level of hygiene, quality awareness and knowledge of food safety which is continuously reinforced through training and development of employee competencies. The modern factory and processing equipment fully comply with the requirements of the EU Hygiene Directive. Regular reviews ensure that products are consistently produced under good hygienic conditions and in accordance with the principles of the US Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practice. Fynbo Foods is approved by the US FDA, which monitors all production facilities. In addition to an annual plant review, conducted by an independent FDA accredited certification institute.

Fynbo Foods is also endorsed by quality inspectors from some of the largest retailers in Europe. Regular reviews and evaluations of products, production processes, quality management systems and training are vital for Fynbo Foods to maintain optimal food quality and safety.

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