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Fribol is a brand owned by the family-owned company HH Bolcher located in the northern part of Denmark. 

Fribol covers a wide range of non-medical products (primarily hard candy) for colds, different kinds of coughs/throat problems, mouth dryness and bad breath. All products are sugar free, gluten free and based on nurturing and refreshing ingredients. 

Fribol provides thousands of people across borders and is mainly represented at the pharmacy market and in various health stores in, among others, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In addition Fribol is represented at gas stations, ferries and various online stores. 

Fribol also includes a series of sugar free, hard candy. 

Product overview (FRIBOL)

  • Fribol Cough/Throat Drops (colds, coughs/throat problems in general)
  • Fribol Cough/Throat Hot+ Drink (colds, coughs/throat problems in general)

  • Fribol AquaNu (mouth dryness)

  • Fribol SmellAway (bad breath)
  • Fribol sweets/hard candy in various flavours


HH Bolcher is a professional partner for buyers in the retail industry all over the world. 

HH Bolcher do also offer sweets/hard candy as private label (also sugar free and organic) – primarily in bulk but all products can be combined in different ways and filled in a wide range of packaging such as bags and cans/bottles in different sizes. When ordering sweets in bulk they can be individually packed in foil with a specific company-logo and/or various advertising messages. 

In collaboration with costumers, private labelling products are developed with respect for the quality and packaging, so that they mach the desired concept. 


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