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About Food With You 

We are a professional and serious business partner. We only sell high quality products from chosen producers. The chosen producers are each one of the strongest within their product of range – smoked, fresh and frozen fish and seefood.

Our goal is to become the chosen business partner for European retail and catering companies. We work with business partners all over the world and we only want to work with the best certified and most innovative producers – always with customer added value in mind.

Our seafood products 

Smoked fish and seafood

We have a very wide range of products within smoked fish and seafood and new, innovative products are continuously added. The products are available as “party packs”/sliced, whole sides or carved sides and the size can be adjusted to your needs.

We work with a few chosen business partners which are well established within their products and therefore we can provide such a strong and varied range of products. We ask a lot of our business partners and all have been carefully chosen. They are all certified within the highest level within process and quality assurance.

Fresh fish and seafood

Naturally our few business partners within fresh fish and shellfish are IFS certified at the highest level – in that way we can ensure the best quality assurance through the whole supply chain. We also work with ASC and MSC certified products on several of our products and new products and labelling are continuously added.

Frozen fish

We also offer ASC and MSC certified products of more of the below mentioned products and new products and labelling are continuously added. We can pack in bags, boxes, packets, chain packages, vacuum and/or skin pack and compound an attractive series of products. 


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