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The healthy Foodbar of the future

The healthy food bar of the future
Remember the last time you came across a healthy snack that actually made you
full? Like in the long run. Or just on the run. To work, to class, to gym. Or whatever.
Wherever. We don’t.

That’s why we, Ginny & Jesper, invented RATION. An all
natural, simple and nutritious food bar that stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps
your hangriness away. Without all the strange numbers and additives that no one
can really pronounce. Who needs them anyways.

We could proudly tell you all about how every RATION is loaded with fibers, proteins
and Omega3. And that they are actually based on the official Nordic dietary
guidelines. Oh dear ... what’s not to like? But hey, that’s all a bit nerdy, so let’s keep
it simple. 14 pieces of natural ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. Simply good
feelings in pocket sizes.

So how do good feelings taste? Like Rome, the wheel and your daily morning
routine, the perfect food bar wasn’t invented in a day. That’s why we taste, we try
and we twist the recipes until quality and flavour join into that perfect wow-
experience. The one that leaves your mouth water run, your tummy feel full and puts
a smile on your face.

You probably wonder why we chose to make tasty, nutritious food bars? The answer
is just as simple as our ingredients. If you eat right, you feel good … and when you
feel good, you happen to do more good.

Simple as that.

Latest news

Summer in a food bar!

Our new RATION foodbar with Mango & passion fruit - just a bit more exotic than other cool couples. 

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