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Unique whiskies and gins for unique moments!

About us 

At Fary Lochan we specialize in Danish Single Malt Whisky, gin and aquavit. We handmake all our whisky at our distillery in Farre, Jutland, where nature is always at the heart of our products. We pick and use nettles and local herbs for the making of our whisky, gin and aquavit. Furthermore, we use nettles for smoking our malt, which makes our peated whisky very unique!

We are a family-owned and -run distillery founded in 2009 by Jens-Erik Joergensen. We love what we do, and every bottle from our distillery is signed by us with our hearts and souls!


  • Whisky
    We make 4 different whiskies. We call them the 4 seasons. Winter is our most peated whisky with 15 ppm and 54% vol. Spring has 7 ppm and 48% vol. Summer is not peated all and is the mildest of our whiskies with 46% vol. Autumn has a sweet sherry finish and 47% vol. All good whiskies with a taste for everyone.
  • Gin
    Besides whisky we also produce some very fine and popular gins. They are all mild, fresh and delicious in each their ways.

How it's made

Our three cobber stills for distilling are specially designed by us and handmade by Forsyths in Scotland. We do all by hand – this way we make sure, that only the best and approved high-quality bottles leave our distillery. We never settle for anything less than perfection – handmade perfection!

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