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About Ekko Fisk 

Ekko-Fisk is producer of frozen and salted Fish products. The materials are bought at fishauctions all over Denmark and also imported from the colder North. The finished goods are exported to most of the world.

Ekko-Fisk is a well-established firm, with a large experience after many years in the fishing-industry. The customers are giving the correct service and guidance concerning the most products.

Ekko-Fisk has an approved HACCP system, this implies for example: All Fisharticles, arrived at and delivered from the factory, are controlled for quality including right temperatur check. The cleaning at the factory hall is continuously checked both visually and microbiologically.

Our high quality fish products

The frozen fish in the company of Ekko Fisk A/S is salmon, halibut, redfish, cod and much more. These are really delicious dining and can be used in a variety of everyday dinner dishes.

  • Fillets: From different salt-water fish
  • Steaks: From different salt-water fish
  • Head-off Fish: Redfish - Cod - Greenland Halibut - etc.
  • Panready Fish: Plaice - Catfish - Grenadier
  • Whole Fish: Trout - Different Salmon - Redfish - Catfish

The fish are caught among Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but more and more alternative and potential fishing areas will be future opportunities.

The frozen fish is delivered to Ekko Fisk of different suppliers and is sold to customers in Denmark, Europe and overseas markets.

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