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Slagter Lampe is an old family company from southern Denmark, where craftmanship and the respect for the butcher trade since 1939 has been the groundwork for the production of Denmark’s best sausages. Today it is the 3.Generation of the butcher family – Steen Lampe, who own and run the sausage company in Haderslev. Steen Lampe and the educated and proficient employees ensure the quality of the old traditions.

The traditions is still living

Ernst Lampe, who opened a butchershop in Haderslev, founded the company in 1939. Many of the craftmanships methods in the old traditions are still a part of the company today. The sausages are still made after old recepies, the same mix of spices and smoked over beech wood, which make the sausage unique and is an important part of Slagter Lampe.

International Accept

The old butcher shop is today closed and Steen Lampe has moved the production to modern facilities, but Slagter Lampe is still housed in Haderslev. Slagter Lampe is synonym with classic southern Denmark, which stands for quality and old traditions. Through the years, Slagter Lampe has received several national and international medals and gratuities for their sausages.

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