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Sustainable Foods Powered by Insects


Wholi Foods is founded by Jessica Buhl-Nielsen and Malena Sigurgeirsdóttir, who have dedicated their lives to making the Western food culture richer, healthier and more sustainable.

By introducing edible insects to Western cuisine, Wholi Foods is addressing global climate challenges caused by the current food industry. With their delicious and highly nutritious “Dare Squares”, Wholi Foods is an innovative and refreshing take on the idea of going back to basics and appreciating the foods available to us.


Wholi Food's current product line consists of the delicious Dare Squares made from organic dates, nuts and insect flour. Insect flour derived from crickets and buffalo worms is highly nutritious and has a nutty flavour with notes of umami.

The three flavours are:

  • Chilli, chocolate and cricket flour
  • Peppermint, chocolate and cricket flour
  • Peanut Butter and buffalo worm flour

More exiting products are on the way, so keep yourself updated on!


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