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Fresh and juicy escargot and escargot caviar!


Danish Freerange Snails produces gourmet escargot in a natural environment at Roskilde in Denmark. The production area is next to a protected moss which provides a natural constant moisture throughout the year. For 20 years horses have grassed on the ground. Part of the field has become an escargot farm where we have app. 175,000 snails on open air. The species is Helix Aspersa Maxima and it is known to be the species with the most tender and juicy meat, compared to other species, including the Bourgogne snail.

By the end of September we harvest all the snails and put them in a cooling room. In this way, we can continuously produce over the winter on demand. In spring, at the end of April, we will start up again with a new stock on the farm. Goods are expected to be ready for sale at the end of October 2017.


We can deliver 1 kg and 200 g blanched escargots. They are mainly for restaurants and are not ready for meals. The restaurants themselves must cook them. These are delivered fresh and vacuum packed. Online you can buy sizes of 200 g on order. The escargot have been cooked in a simple fund and frozen. They are shipped in sound refrigeration packaging in Denmark and Sweden.


Helix Aspersa Maxima is also the species used for the very exclusive escargot caviar. Right now we have a production in progress, but we are working to extend the durability of this product so we are in a test phase. We expect to have the product ready for sale in December 2017. Escargot caviar has an extremely delicate taste and is very decorative pearly white. The handling of caviar is manually sorting and careful selection, after which they are purely marinated before they are packaged on a special tin for caviar.

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