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Welcome to Dansk Mjød

Dansk Mjød is located in the outskirts of Billund just a stone´s thorw from the vast Jutlandic more. A brewery with proud traditions that has brewed mjød since 1994, taking old recipes as standing point with an uncompromising focus on quality and raw materials. It is the endless stories and myths about mjød that continuously inspires Dansk Mjød to create products which combines the ancient brewery craft and traditions with a contemporary view within quality and taste.

Now Dansk Mjød is run by Michael and a few employees who helps with production and sales. In addition to the brewery in Billund, we have a cozy tasting area, where our visitors can quench their thirst in the golden drops. Dansk Mjød also regularly plans events and tastings at their facilities. Here, it is possible to hear stories about brewing and mjød told by brewmaster Michael.

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