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Daloon is the Chinese word for 'The Great Dragon' and in China, dragons are friendly towards people. The choice of the name is not a coincidence, as consumer friendliness is a key word at Daloon.

Since its foundation in 1960, it has been Daloon's mission to fulfil the consumer's need for exiting products of a high quality. Therefore, Daloon only uses fresh raw materials and prepares them carefully in accordance with the highest hygienic standard. Daloon makes a point of ensuring that the consumers will find that its products are quick and easy to prepare and that they are tasty and nutritious.

Daloon has the perfect solution whenever you don’t have the time or energy in your busy daily routines to concoct a varied, nutritious meal quickly.

You don’t have to spend several hours cooking in the kitchen or put up with dull, tedious food to lead a wholesome lifestyle!

Daloon has a wide selection of delicious spring rolls brimming with vegetables and beef, for instance, or lean chicken – ready to be quickly cooked in the oven without using oil or fat.

The ideal combination of fine ingredients means Daloon’s oven rolls can be a healthy, natural part of any meal.When the rolls are combined with rice and a delicious salad, for instance, they fully comply with the recommendations of nutritionists and health officials alike and can be a tasty part of a weight-loss diet.

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