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About Crown Seafood

With the foundation of the company Crown Seafood A/S, we want to improve the overall standard of seafood in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

We have worked in the food industry for many years and have visited countless food factories and production units during this time. The experiences and knowledge gathered during these years have been implemented in the operation of our factory in Esbjerg. Our core values are efficient and sensible production and a speedy process flow that creates the best possible quality.

Also, we have innovated and improved the traditional seafood packaging which reflects our production values and standards. Moreover, we have the exclusive distribution rights to the Madagascar prawn in Scandinavia. This is a unique prawn due to its beautiful colour, delicious flavour and appearance.

Crown Seafood provides Coldwater & Warmwater prawns from all over the world, crayfish, surimi etc. in brine/buckets or in MAP (gas packed).

We have the newest technology in the industry, which make the cost low and the flexibility high. Capacity is not an issue!

Private label 

Beside producing high quality, our priority is to provide our customers with the best service, and we are able to adjust and produce a wide range of sizes and packaging solutions to fulfil our customers desire. We also produce private label and customer specific products. All while keeping high quality and food safety in mind.


With our certifications ASC, MSC, Organic and IFS, we can guarantee you sustainable fishing and high a standard of food security. We have extensive experience with salad manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers in the Danish market and all over Europe and are sure we can also assist you!


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