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A winemaker with a dream

A dream of being able to produce world-class fruit wines caused Jens Skovgaard Pedersen to found the Cold Hand Winery in 2010. After years of experimenting as a hobby, Jens quit his job as school principal to become a full-time winemaker. A dedication to a Nordic approach to wine making means Jens is constantly on the lookout for the best Danish ingredients.

About Cold Hand Winery 

Cold Hand Winery makes a New Nordic-style fruit wine. From the best Danish fruits, Cold Hand Winery makes exclusive fruit wines, in a style that is more comparable to wine than to cider. It has so far been a huge success. The wine is in many of the best Danish restaurants. The fact that the ambitions of Cold Hand Winery have always been high is no secret. Given that the aim is 'world-class products', the effort to be better is constant. That's why our wines are frequently sent to competitions at home and abroad.

Cold Hand Winery has won gold medals in Denmark, England, Spain, Germany and China. Winning such prestige awards indicates that there is plenty of potential and that the winery is well on the way to becoming world-class.

Fruit wines using new techniques

The most important parameter for producing quality wines is basically the quality of the ingredients. The primary job of a winery is thus to ensure that the quality of the ingredients is not degraded during the process. The simpler the process is - the better the wine usually is. Cold Hand Winery believes that the yeast contained in the fruit is best for the fruit's own aroma, and therefore uses spontaneous fermentation as much as possible.

Many old and nearly forgotten techniques borrowed directly from grape-based wine production are used, such as treading plums and cherries, maturing in new and used barrels, hand-turning bottles on Champagne racks for sparkling wines, etc.

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