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ChammikaTea has a very special story. Our passion for Sri Lankan tea is no coincidence. ChammikaTea began in Sri Lanka in 1983 in a little village near Ratnapura where a child was born.

The child was – and is – me, Maria Chammika Poulsen. I came to Denmark as a infant and was adopted by a Danish couple south of Aalborg in Northern Jutland. However, my entrepreneurial dream began when I went to visit my biological mother in 2011, something that changed my life. Not far from where I was born I also visited a tea factory. A cup of Ceylon tea has always been a gathering in my childhood in Denmark. Every night we ended our day with a cup of Ceylon tea and it made me curious to learn how tea was made. When observing the tea factory in action and seeing men and women turning a small green leaf in to a beautiful cup of Ceylon tea, I suddently had a heartwarming feeling being recognisable without words, I found my roots and I saw myself. I wanted to make a different in Sri Lanka and unite two worlds in one cup of tea. Therefore, I want to invite you to Sri Lanka by tasting our amazing Ceylon tea – authentical, organic and sustaineble.  


Our tea is handpicked by hardworking women at Sri Lankan elongated fields and our goal is to contribute to their wellbeing and work condisions to give them and their children a brighter future. When you buy our tea, you can be certain to buy responsible produced products. Child labour is illegal in Sri Lanka, and no children works at the fields or the factories. A unique trait for Sri Lankan tea producers is that we are 100% ozone friendly, as ozone degradable chemicals are not used in our tea. . Therefore, you can enjoy ChammikaTea with good consciousness. 


Sri Lanka has for more then a 100 years used natural eco systems from the monsunrain to reuse in different process of making Ceylon tea and suppling tea estates with water and food. Sri Lanka is renowned for producing quality tea. We only use tea estates that are certified with Rain Forrest Allinance, a sustaineble organisation that provides standards for agriculture cultivation and how to operate a sustaineble plantation to preserve surrounded natur and animals. Our tea is acknowledged with the Lion Logo, a Sri Lankan trademark that requires high tea standards and guidelines, indicating a guarantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka a long with Ozone Friendly Ceylon tea logo as well as the European organic logo. 

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