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About Brdr. Schlie

Brdr. Schlie’s Fish Exsport, inc. was etablished in 1992 by the brothers Kaj and Jens Schlie in the city of Hirtshals. Brdr. Schlie’s Fish Export inc., employing about 100, is a modern business with production and storage, refrigeration and freezing facilities. High quality is one of the founding values of Brdr. Schlie’s Fish Export inc. Naturally we fulfill the lates EU requirements, for example with regard to storage, processing and hygienic conditions.

Brdr. Schlie’s Fish Exsport, inc. buys up and processes salmon, trout, herring, mackarel and Norweigan lobsters and an assortment of auctioned fish. The company trades fish from Denmark, Norway, the Faeoe Island, Iceland and the East. The products are frozen and sold in Denmark, and in all of Europe.

Our delicious fish products 

We buy and process

  • salmon/ trout
  • herring/mackarel
  • auctioned fish - mainly cod, plaice, lemon sole, catfish, anglerfish, Norwegian lobster, turbot, haddock, pollock, rose fish and piked dogfish. 

We are selling fish from Denmark, the Faeroe Islands, Norway, Iceland, and the East, and sell our products in large parts of the world. 

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