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About Bornholms Mosteri

Bornholms Mosteri is a juice mill located on the sunny Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. We make delicious organic fruit juice and nectar while simultaneously creating jobs for socially marginalised people. People that due to psychical or mental disabilities are unable to manage an ordinary full time job. We take pride in purifying the original taste of the raw materials to foster the potential of both the ingredients and our employees.

Our products 

Bornholms Mosteri produce organic fruit juice and nectar to leading restaurants, shops and cafés in the Nordic countries. We are certified organic by The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

  • Apple Juice
    - Elstar
    - Holsteiner Cox
    - Ingrid Marie
    - Apple/ginger

  • Juices 
    - Rhubarb
    - Elderflower
    - Rasperry
    - Blackcurrant
    - Goosberry
    - Cranberry
    - Orange

The rhubarbs are grown on the island of Funen. We pick the berries and the flowers across the rest of Denmark and in our closest neighbouring countries. We have a dream of becoming self-sufficient with berries and apples from Bornholm.

We take responsibility

  • We employ socially marginalised people
  • We minimise sugar and use no additives
  • We always emphasize the taste
Responsibility is the crux of Bornholms Mosteri. Over half of our employees consist of vulnerable citizens and we have committed ourselves to continually creating job opportunities for marginalized people on Bornholm.

Latest news

3 new organic products from Bornholms Mosteri

Citrus & lime lemonade Citrus & ginger lemonade Rhubarb & strawberry drink

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