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Ayoola gives you the best natural energy by turning things upside down.

Enjoy organic coffee differently: naturally energizing with a refreshing twist.
• 100% Organic
• Vegan
• Gluten Free
• Natural Caffeine
• No Artificials
• Eco friendly
• ECO-Friendly Packaging


AYOOLA is all about natural organic ingredients and how to get the best out of them. We only use premium, organic coffee, which is being brewed using pure distilled cold water.
After the coffee grounds have steeped in the cold, pure water for 14 hours the brew has a smooth, mellow almost sweet flavour. This process highlights the aroma of the organic coffee while also maintaining high levels of natural caffeine.
A cold brew like this results in a coffee essence that has 70% fewer acids compared to regular brewed coffee. Add a hint of organic fruit flavour and you have a whole new coffee experience – Organic cold brew energy.

• Ginger / Lime
• Elderflower / Lemon
• Grapefruit / Mint


At AYOOLA we like to turn things upside down without making compromises on either taste or quality. Striving to supply you with the energy needed to make it through the day, we have created a refreshing alternative to a regular cup of coffee. While keeping the good, pure energy naturally found in coffee, we are adding our own twist to this well-known source of energy: AYOOLA Cold Brew Energy is an everyday energy drink, based on 100% natural and organic ingredients – pure and simple.

We believe that this world needs more good energy, therefore are we 100% certified organic, vegan and eco-friendly. We are strongly committed to use all our energy to make a difference: Lets turn things upside down!

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