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About AquaPri

AquaPri is a 100% family owned Danish company with more than 60 years of experience in trout farming. We have 16 land based farms and 6 sea cage sites. We have been farming zander since 2005 and we control the entire chain from egg until the fish is ready to be dispatched to our valuable customer. In 2016 we proudly opened our brand-new RAS facility for farming zander, using the newest technologies and with a capacity 700 MT of zander.


  • Sustainably farmed Zander (Pike Perch)
  • Trout and Trout Caviar from clean Danish waters

Our sustainably farmed Zander has a delicate meat structure and is highly appreciated all over Europe. This beautiful, white fish meat is firm in texture and very tender when cooked, and it has a high natural content of protein and Omega-3. We farm approx. 6,000 tons of Rainbow Trout per year and our Trout Caviar is extremely popular worldwide – beautiful in colour, exquisite in taste!

Full traceability is a prerequisite for our food safety throughout the entire production cycle. Offering 100% traceability throughout the production from egg to finished product provides our customers and final consumers worldwide a guarantee that our products are food-safe and fully controlled. We process and pack our fish in accordance with the strict Danish quality and food safety standards.

Healthy fish is a priority! At AquaPri we ensure that our fish are healthy by securing:

• that the fish receive the optimal nutrition
• that the fish are reared in a healthy environment
• that the fish and rearing conditions are under constant monitoring
• that when necessary, the fish receive the right treatment

We take our responsibility for our farmed fish very seriously.

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