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high-ENd quality fish products from agustson

About us 

agustson has more than 80 Years in the Fish Industry. Founded 1933 agustson is a family owned company with primary focus on vessel operation and fish production since 1933.

Headquater on Iceland

The agustson headquarter on Iceland is close to the main fishing grounds, which plays a key role in bringing in raw materials to the production facilities. In Denmark agustson operates 3 specialized production facilities for hot smoked trout, shellfish and caviar.

Our Mission

Based on more than 80 years of expertise within fishing and fish production we offer profitability to our customer’s product line in a long term business relationship.

Our assortment of high-end quality products

  • Hot Smoked Danish trout fillets – with different flavours
  • Caviar based on roe from lumpfish, trout, salmon, capelin and herring
  • Cold water shrimps and warm water prawns in brine or frozen

Care for the Environment

We care about the environment in our productions on land and on sea. agustson emphasizes self-sustaining utilization of natural resources and optimizes our raw materials as well as our sources of energy. We reduce the volume of refuse from our productions and our ships and we motivate our staff to care for environmental matters. agustson have focus on sustainable seafood and cares about the processed seafood we deliver.

IFS, MSC and ASC certified

agustson is IFS certified with Higher Level on all 3 production facilities.


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