At Food from Denmark, we offer a number of services, all of which have the purpose of creating export promotion for Danish food internationally. Denmark has a wealth of Danish quality foods, both local, conventional and organic, that abroad want to import. Denmark is the country in the world where organic goods have the largest market share nationally - and that attracts abroad. Part of the export of Danish food consists of creating contact with the foreign buyers, which we are specialists in.

Food from Denmark can therefore offer the following services in connection with export.

  • Determining your export strategy
  • Various export promotions
  • Dissemination of board positions
  • Individual counseling

Determining your export strategy

It is crucial to develop a visionary export strategy, and in addition a practical implementation, to be successful with exports. At the employee level, a good strategy is a reflection on "what the goal is for the daily work" and can act as inspiration for new initiatives.

Food From Denmark has extensive experience with exports and always delivers a well-thought-out and visionary strategy, which is implemented in the export organization. This strategy creates the foundation for motivated export workers, which ultimately leads to greater revenue.

Important topics prior to the final export strategy:

  • The company's export history
  • Evaluation of the strategy
  • Resources required by the company
  • How to structure export and customer knowledge
  • Focus areas: Eg. retail, food service and industry
  • Export markets are selected according to potential
  • Which sales channels should be used: agents, importers or distributors
  • Need to buy access to attractive Key Account analytics to streamline sales?
  • Selection of fairs and events
  • Issues are analyzed
  • Product analyzes

Export drive

Food from Denmark has extensive experience in coordinating and implementing export promotions for Danish food companies. Our export promotion has between 8-42 participating companies.

The content of export promotions consists of the following:

  • Network (knowledge and experience exchange)
  • Cost sharing
  • Focus on specific markets / customers, including importer / distributor analyzes
  • Purchase of market materials
  • Trade fair participation

Start-up of new export projects

New projects are always based on what our customers want. It would therefore be a good idea to contact Food from Denmark and hear about the possibilities in the exact export market you are interested in. If there are several customers who are interested in the same export market, we will make a project proposal and submit this.

As a company, you get the following benefits:

  • Limited administration
  • Implementation of export strategy
  • Greater visibility in export markets and trade fairs
  • Collaboration across the participating companies and exchange of experience
  • Cost minimization

Dissemination of board members

One of our new concepts is the dissemination of board positions / board members - this is done through the large network Food from Denmark has. Many companies are undergoing a restructuring, and therefore want experienced and dynamic exporters on their boards.

The opportunity for growth must exist for many producers in the export markets and therefore a board member with relevant export experience can be essential in the work with the right export strategy for the organization. Updated knowledge and experience is what "our" board members can add to your organization. They are not "sleeping partners" but are often present at export meetings and thus an attractive partner for the company's export employees.

Food from Denmark is responsible for analyzing the company's needs, selecting the right personal profile for the company and having it placed on the company's board.

Individual counseling

Food from Denmark specializes in export advice to Danish food producers. We have 10 years of experience in sales to international customers, so we know the issues that arise in connection with exports.

We are very practical. Our advice is based on the experience we have generated. We focus on specific sales leads, start-up of sales and knowledge databases, relevant market information, etc. The solutions we offer are adapted to the individual customer's needs.

Contact Food From Denmark and have a chat about your options before you decide how you want to attack a new market.