Company Profile in FOOD DATABASE

As a member of Food from Denmark, your company gets a place in our FOOD DATABASE, which you will find here on the website. FOOD DATABASE is a marketing tool that markets Danish food producers to international buyers.

The purpose of the FOOD DATABASE is to gather all Danish food producers under one tap, and create a common branding value of Danish food internationally.

When an international buyer is looking for Danish food producers, FOOD DATABSE works as a tool that helps international buyers to find and subsequently contact the Danish food companies.

The buyer can search for different food categories. Your business may be located under several food categories.

When Food from Denmark exhibits at international food fairs, we make sure to market the FOOD DATABASE via joint brochures, which are distributed at the fair and at the stand, via posters and on LinkedIn. The purpose is for international buyers to become aware of the Danish food producers and easily contact them.

Creating a company profile

After you have registered in Food from Denmark, you will receive more information about the creation of your profile. We make sure to create your company profile in the FOOD DATABASE. We will send you your username and password, after which you must complete the profile.

On your company profile you can:

  • Edit your profile picture
  • Write a business description
  • Add which food categories your company's products fall into. The more categories you have products for, the greater your visibility.
  • Indicate which trade fairs your company participates in
  • Post news about new product launches via your profile and this news will be published on our website under the tab "PRODUCT NEWS"

       Example of a company profile: