DAVA Foods launch new protein meal boxes

By DAVA Foods A/S

DAVA Foods has launched protein meal boxes

whitePRO™ protein meals are a completely new series of omelette, pancake and shake kits in the whitePRO™ universe. All meal boxes have the whitePRO™ egg whites as their primary ingredient. 

Our whitePRO™ protein meals and drink are specifically made for customers whom wish for easy dishes and beverages that have a high level of protein and a low content of fat. It is super simple as one just can shake the content in a shaker and use it directly on the pan. 

At the same time whitePRO™ egg whites are low-calorie and contain all essential amino acids. whitePRO™ protein meals and drinks are a new way to add protein to one's daily diet. Each meal box contains two bottles of whitePRO™ and two spice mixes/bag with cocoa mix.