Gold goes to København Klassisk Gin at World Spirits Award 2020!

By Nordic Gin House

København Klassisk Gin is a homage to Denmark’s capital city. It carries one of the highest percentages of juniper berries in the world. This is possible due to a three-step maceration process: the juniper berries are first added to diluted 48 percent alcohol. After 24 hours, coriander is added and then the other ingredients follow as the temperature increases. The creatively manufactured gin is a modern variation of a classic. Distillation and micro-vaporisation combine the best of Nordic spruce, juniper, citrus and liquorice root. The distillation takes roughly a day, and the entire process more than 50 hours. Once the drinking strength has been regulated, the gin is left to settle for about ten days. The bottle is inspired by a chemist’s bottle, unmistakable in its appearance, which captures the simplicity and minimalistic design heritage of Denmark.