NEW: Fried herring with delicious new filling

By Tenax Sild A/S

Tenax Sild is introducing two new delicious and tasty varieties of fried herring with fillings - one with Funen smoked cheese and one with coarse-ground fish mustard.

Tenax Sild has had a clear goal since 1987: that the herring that lies on the customer's plate must be an experience to sink their teeth into. In addition to the herring being of the best quality and superior processing, it must also have a delicious taste. That is why we also take pride in creating new varieties of the traditional classics such as fried herring.

The fried herring with Funen smoked cheese consists of delicious herring fillets smeared in creamy Funen smoked cheese, which gives a mild, airy, and delicately smoky taste. The second variant, where the herring fillets are smeared with a filling of coarse-ground fish mustard, gives a more spicy and strong taste.

“At Tenax Sild, we have an ambition to inspire people to eat even more sustainable herring, by producing our products according to old craft traditions combined with newly developed ways of cooking herring. These two exciting new varieties will be a good example of this ", says CEO of Tenax Sild, Anette Ladefoged.

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