KaLOHAS® bioactive kale powder shows good effect against lifestyle disease 

By Green Gourmet A/S

In December 2020, the last patients who participated in the FFI project "Novel organic GGKale products for prevention of Obesity / Type 2 Diabetes" managed to complete the final tests at Aarhus University Hospital.

All diabetes project participants have completed their diet intervention trials and are currently conducting blood plasma and data analyses to be completed. We expect to have the full data overview by mid-February.

The very positive measurements of the results after 90 days of daily intake of KaLOHAS freeze-dried kale powder incorporated in 2x50 g kale bars (equivalent to 420 g fresh kale) initially show very positive results of the treatment of both obesity and Diabetes2.

At present,  a significant weight loss in all participants is ascertained.