Street Food Chips

Street Food Chips is a snack bag - with 35 g chips in the following flavors: Salt - Chili and Cheese.

Pinata Sauces - you just can't beat it!

Pinata is our new brand - which are an authentic fusion af American- and Mexican cuisine.


We are proud to offer organic cold cuts...

Herrings in organic marinade

Tenax Sild launches a new product in the Lykkeberg 1899 family. Herrings in organic marinade.

BIO/Organic Charcuterie from Christiansfeld 

Delicious new BIO/Organic Chacuteri from Christiansfeld - Bio Brand by Skare FOOD

Healthy Organic GreenKale Powder

Organic VIKING GreenKale matcha. Time is of the Essence - Power to the Plants - Balancing the Scales - Health to EveryONE...


Great for a cup of tea or with a salad. Crisp Rolls are a wonderful snack, best described as a merge of crackers and crispbread, and makes for a delicious light breakfast, too.


Try our new insectbar with fruit, nuts, chocolate, nougat, oats, salt flakes and insect flour - a quick fix for energy and proteins. 

Organic FD GreenKale Powder

Organic FD GreenKale Powder now available for private label: General supermarkets, Health stores, Pharmacies, Fitness Centres, Wellness and beauty-from within.