Try our new delicious canned mussels!

Delicious canned mussels, with different tasty flavours...

BRUS Copenhagen

To Øl's brewpub BRUS in Copenhagen. 

DEFCO is launching 2 new products

Defco has now launched 2 new products for food service!


A delicious Tuna pâté made with a very high content of fish.

Art is Chocolate - Chocolate is art!

We are FIRST MOVER in Japan, and are now opening 4 departments with Belgian Praline chocolates...

New bottle format!

New 170 ml. bottle size aim to reduce food waste and fight obesity.

Vegan Vegetable Rösti 

The Vegan Vegetable Rösti has a gentle and round in taste, with a rich vegetable structure of potatoes, sweet corn and beans stirred with carrots, onions, red pepper and turmeric...

Vegan Vegetable Samosa

The Vegan Vegetable Samosa is filled with potatoes, onions, carrots and peas, and seasoned with Indian spices...

Vegetarian Risotto Burger 

The Vegetarian Risotto Burger are Italian-inspired and have a nice taste of sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil...

Street Food Chips

Street Food Chips is a snack bag - with 35 g chips in the following flavors: Salt - Chili and Cheese.

Pinata Sauces - you just can't beat it!

Pinata is our new brand - which are an authentic fusion af American- and Mexican cuisine.