Celebrate the Danish Constitution Day!

Celebrate the Danish Constitution Day! A celebration of national pride, individuality, and a celebration of the best gin’s the countries has to offer. Read more about the spices, the multiple global awards and where to find the gin’s at


Why a new name and why this name? BITE DRINK, is first and foremost, a company that innovates on flavours and ingredients in organic beverages for HoReCa, but not only in syrups.  Secondly all of our products have been and are developed in partnerships with you, our customers, and are often based on food ingredients as well as beverage ingredients.

københavn klassisk lounge Gin - Wins World Spirit Award 2022Skriv en overskrift

The worldwide benchmark for spirits has awarded the københavn klassisk lounge gold in the most prestigious gin category: London Dry Gin. At the WSA 2020 the original københavn klassisk also won gold. And with a total of 16 international awards including 6 times global gold – it is the most awarded classic Nordic gin in the world. københavn klassisk lounge is based on the same small batch gin and it’s a modern variation of the classic theme. The freshness is evident in this gin variant and comes from the addition of rosehips. The texture is velvety with fresh taste notes from the unique blend of spruce and rose hips. A taste that one of the best qualified juries in the world chose to give gold from a base of samples from 120 distilleries.

NEW: Fried herring with delicious new filling

Tenax Sild is introducing two new delicious and tasty varieties of fried herring with fillings - one with Funen smoked cheese and one with coarse-ground fish mustard.

World´s most awarded classic gin expands into full range

After københavn klasssk gin has won awards in every single competition it has entered, now it is time to create a gin range based on the same mindset: bring out the best the Nordics have to offer! Same craftsmanship, same local botanicals and outstanding purity and quality. They all offer the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin brings its unique distinction – no matter if you are into the most potent version of a navy strength gin or if you prefer cocktails, neat over ice, or just a perfect balanced GT – the københavn gin range is the perfect choice!

Summer in The Nordic

With Sommer i Norden, the author Jesper Schmidt has invented a new classic and very iconic Gin drink. København Klassisk Gin has one of the world's highest content of junipers, so there is very much focus on the original gin taste. København Klassisk Gin is made in close collaboration with leading sommelier, master distillers and bartenders, to bring out just the right taste of classic gin. With rhubarb tonic and red grape syrup which gives a fresh and slightly sour experience. Enjoy. RECIPE 5 cl København Klassisk Gin 1 cl Pink Grape Sirup 15cl Rhubarb Tonic Ice, red grapefruit, and mint. Instruction: Gin and syrup in the glass. Stir until mixed. Add Ice and add gently tonic. Decorate with the thin peel of red grade and mint leaf.

RATION snack bar with apple, blueberry & blackcurrant

Apple, blueberry & blackcurrant. A sweet delightful reminder to all Blueberry cheesecake lovers. Tastes like wild berries at summertime. Enjoy every bite with a coffee, or on the go. Just the right amount of stable energy to keep you going through the afternoon. Based on the Nordic nutrition recommendations. 100% natural ingredients (GMO free). 20% dietary fiber, 13% protein and 55mg Omega-3 fatty acids. Contains a whole apple & 8% whole oat kernels. 20 snack bars of 40g in a box. Suitable for Vegetarians. No added salt.

København Klassisk Gin has won the IF design award 2021

What does the Worlds best Classic Gin deserve? The best designed gin bottle in the world! København Klassisk Gin has won awards in almost every taste-competitions across the globe, from the US to Asia, from north to the south of Europe. But today we are proud to announce that København Klassisk Gin has won the IF design award 2021 for it's bottle design! 78 international design experts from more than 20 countries have handpicked the winners among 7,298 entries from 56 nations. A prestigious design award that have been given to the classic Logitech Mouse, The Novo pen and the iconic Braun clocks. "We believe that we have bottled the ultimate craftmanship. And we wanted the design to reflect the pure essence of København Klassisk Gin: A Scandinavian minimalistic design that is just as potent as the content. We want to thank the design team for a great collaboration and congratulate them for winning in such a prestigious design competition.” Concludes Jakob Vallentin, CEO and founder of Nordic Gin House.

Plantbased and organic spreads with hemp

Adding uniqueness to classic spreads


2021 sure looks promising. Hopefully the world will recover from the challenging pandemic, and as spring is here, optimism is back in the business. When we opened the doors to Nordic Gin House 3 years ago, we had no idea how far and how fast the market for our super premium Gin's would grow. So we are both immensely proud when we look across the 22 markets where the Nordic Gin House products are present and humble because we are well aware that we couldn't have done it without the great collaboration with our distributing partners. Thank you

København Klassisk Gin goes Gold in Spain!

Spains biggest spirits Competition with entries from over 20 countries have awarded Nordic Gin House wit a gold medal in the spirit category. "Gold at CWWSC is yet another proof that the potent København Klassisk Gin taste is in a class of it's own. The super-premium version of the classic gin brings out the best the gin tradition has to offer. We are immensely proud that the Spanish jury agree" CEO & Founder, Nordic Gin House, Jakob Vallentin