Frequently asked questions

1) Does the membership continue automatically if we exhibited at trade fairs with Food from Denmark during the year?
Yes. You will automatically receive an invoice for the coming year's membership one year after the expired month for your enrollment. However, this is not relevant for export projects with grants, where membership is not a requirement.

2) We participate in Food from Denmark's network group "Danish Food Network" - do we also have to be a member of Food from Denmark to be able to participate in other projects?
No; as a member of the Danish Food Network, you automatically have a membership. This means that you can participate in other projects.

3) Can we have a company profile in the food database even if we are not a member?
The food database contains only members' profiles.

4) How long is my membership valid for?
The membership is valid from the month you sign up. If you sign up in March 2022, your membership will be renewed per. April 1, 2023.

5) What does it cost to be a member?
See under info about membership

6) How does the renewal / cancellation of the membership take place?
You will receive an automatic payment card / invoice for renewal one year after registration. If you do not wish to extend your membership for the coming year at this time, you have 15 days after receiving the invoice to notify Food from Denmark. Next, we send a credit note to the submitted invoice.

7) What administrative requirements are there for me to be a member?
All companies with a Danish VAT-number can be a member.