Information about posting on LinkedIn

As a BENEFIT and BENEFIT PLUS member have the opportunity to promote your products and news on our LinkedIn Food from Denmark LinkedIn page, which today has more than 7300 followers. The site is aimed at international audiences who are interested in Danish products, and the purpose of the site on LinkedIn is precisely to brand the Danish products and show what we produce in Denmark.

Requirements for the advertisement:

  • The text must be in English
  • The text must be a maximum of 1200 characters incl. gap
  • The text must not be a sales advertisement
  • 1 - 5 pictures or a video

How does my posting achieve the best exposure?

  • Have your colleagues share the post on their profile
  • Try to keep your post below 700 strokes
  • Avoid inserting external links that direct traffic away from LinkedIn - as a link to your website that can be posted in the comment track
  • Feel free to include pictures of people, preferably "authentic" pictures, possibly of employees
  • Insert relevant hashtags

See below for good examples on LinkedIn. You can also visit our LinkedIn page for further inspiration and reach out to us for good advice and questions.

Example 1          Example 2           Example 3

If you as a member want a notice, you can simply send the material to

Are you not a member? Write to the above email for more info, or sign up for Food from Denmark here

Example of a LinkedIn post