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Karamel Kompagniet A/S, owned by Carsten & AnnA Knightbridge Niberg-Zehngraff, is a Danish family based corporation which since 2004 has been developed from a kitchen table idea to a sustainable niche business within the
high end caramel universe. We have from the very beginning worked passionately and with a sharp focus on defining high-end standards in our niche - exclusive chew-friendly gourmet caramels.

Our vision is that we would like to be known for making the world's finest caramels - we are already on the way but we certainly have more missions on the way. We are 100% focused on being the best in the market within our field and we have great ambitions and plans for significant growth in the coming years.

Anna’s English grandmother and her fine homemade caramels

In idyllic Winchester with its narrow alleys and winding river is one of England’s most magical cities. King Arthur’s Round Table is found there. The earliest English kings are buried in the old cathedral, side by side with the author of Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen. The foundation of the Karamel Kompagniet was laid here many decades ago.

Anna’s grandparents lived in London before they moved to Winchester. Anna’s mother was a child during World War II in the English capital. She can still remember the games they played in the rubble of the collapsed buildings. And the
dump blasts from exploding bombs that could be felt even down on the station platforms deep underground, where people sought shelter. One of the few joys for the little girl was the homemade toffees, her mother - Anna’s grandmother - could conjure up.

When the Knightbridge family moved to Winchester after the war, grandmother’s old book with its toffee recipes - deepened and enhanced with her neat handwriting in the margins – came with them of course. No one in the family knows how old the recipes are; perhaps they reach as far back as 1860 when toffees arrived in England for the first time.

Grandmother Knightbridge’s homemade toffees were always one of the highlights for Anna, when as a child, she visited her English family. Anna remembers how the sugar mixture was heated over an open fire and how grandmother put a toffee into a glass of water to test whether it was as it should be.

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