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Indslev Bryggeri A/S

The Indslev Brewery was established in 1897 outside the small town of Nørre Aaby near Middelfart in the middle of Denmark. Back then it produced beer, and later softdrinks, mainly for the local farms and workers. This went on until the late 80´s, but sales were falling, and the brewery was closed.

In 2006, Anders Busse Rasmussen, an descendant to the founder, bought and re-opened the brewery. Indslev Bryggeri as a brand is famously known for brewing only high quality wheat beers, a principle developed by Anders Busse Rasmussen and brewmaster Stefan Peter Stadler, who was the best man for the job. Stefan is still a great part of the brewery.

In 2012, a second brand was born. Ugly Duck Brewing Co. allows the brewmasters to experiment with different types of beer, use the brewerys full capacity and maintain the original Indslev all wheat beer idea. Ugly Ducks prize winning beers are now exported to large parts of Europe and also Brazil. A new specialization working with barrel aged beer is in progress, as the brewery insists on development and craftmanship.

Today the brewery is a Limited Company (Aktieselskab) with a board of 4 members and Anders Busse Rasmussen as General Manager. It has 10 employees, depending on seasonal activity. Production is close to 6.000 hectoliters yearly, slightly more Indslev than Ugly Duck beers.

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