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Food made with insects - by ENORM
ENORM is the first Danish producer of food with insects. We produce food in which insects are used as a nutritious protein source. In Danish “ENORM” means “Enormous” and “En orm” means “One worm”. Our company name reflects our vision: We can all make an enormous change, eating one worm at the time. We believe that insect food should be available in any supermarket in any country. At the same time our goal is to keep prices affordable, so everyone has the chance to join the movement of eating bugs.

Insects are sustainable, nutritious and surprisingly tasty!
Insects are a revolutionary and complete protein source that can help meet the coming global challenge of food supply.

Breeding insects requires almost no land compared to conventional meat producers since mealworms can be raised vertically. Bugs consume about 1/1000 amount of water and 1/10th amount of feed compared with cows. Also insects have a very small carbon footprint, unlike industrial livestock, which as an industry, is the single largest contributor to ozone-depleting greenhouse gases in the world. Besides that, insects contain iron, healthy fatty acids, minerals and vitamins like B12. The taste of insects varies from intense umami to a mild nutty flavour like pumpkin seeds.

ENORM food line – Insectsnack, Insectbar, insect Crispbread and the Enorm Shot on the market
ENORM produces food for human consumption based on insects. In the development of our food line, sustainability and health are key words, but most important is the taste. When people experience the flavour of products with insects, it must satisfy their taste buds 100%. We believe that taste and diversity in products are key elements for the western world to start eating bugs. Therefore, we use insect flour as an ingredient in everyday food products and help integrate insects into the Western cuisine.

Today we have four products available for export:
Our super crispy Insectsnack comes in two varieties, spiced with either Chili or Sour Cream & Onion. The insects are sold in a stylish glass jar containing 10 grams of roasted mealworms. The serving size and look make this product perfect for a first-time experience of tasting insects.

A new version of the well known crispbread. By adding our insect flour to a healthy mixture of seeds and grains, we have created a delicious and high in protein alternative to the common crispbread varieties.

In order to make more people aware of the beneficial aspects of insects in food, we have come up with the ENORM Shot. This specific product is a spirit of 35% alcohol with the taste of mealworm. We left one mealworm inside for the joyful sight of a swimming worm. Great taste combined with a great opportunity of sharing this product with friends.

Our Insectbar with fruit, nuts, cocoa, nougat, salt flakes and insect flour is a quick fix for energy. In our perception it is one of the best tasting bars on the market, and can actually live up to the guilty pleasure of eating a chocolate bar. - But clear your conscience with proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals, and contributing to a sustainable future.

Eat the change you want to see in the world – One bug at the time!

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Try our new insectbar with fruit, nuts, chocolate, nougat, oats, salt flakes and insect flour - a quick fix for energy and proteins. 

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