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Barkhill Nordic A/S

Barkhill Food's history starts back in 1958, when Flemming K. Ibsen founded the parent company, a pioneer in the fast food industry.

From the very first fast food products launched, the company detached from the competition and gained a big market share, proving to be a reliable long term partner offering high quality services. In time, the factory expanded, then moved to a new city and diversified the branches it serves.

Barkhill Foods was founded in 2011 as the group’s food production and trading arm and the fast food industry gained a trustworthy, aspiring and ambitious partner, focused on providing high quality products at affordable prices.​


With more than 58 years of experience in understanding various fast food segments, Barkhill Foods quickly became an important player on the market. We are active in 6 countries and we have had triple digit growth every year.

We provide our clients in the Scandinavian food service market with Mayonnaise and Frozen Bread as Private Label products.

Barkhill Foods in Northern Europe

 Our own brand Barkhill Foods Salat Mayonnaise 50% and Barkhill Foods Hotdogbrød and Burgerboller are now established products in the foodservice wholesalers in Denmark, with a quality matching the market leader. Due to our high quality, great prices and extensive sales force, we have taken more than 30% market share from our key competitors in the past 2 years.

In 2016 we started developing a full range of dressings, in both bottles and buckets. The first flavors were launched in February 2017 and the range will be continuously expanded over 2017, up to a full assortment of 30 Barkhill sauces.

Barkhill Foods Products

Our products are made with passion by a dedicated team that flawlessly masters the latest technologies in food industry.

The constant research and development led us to the range of products we invite you to discover and taste.

  •  Dressings & Sauces: Tomato Ketchup, Salat Mayonnaise 50% and 30% vegetable oil, BBQ sauce, Burger Dressing, French Dog Dressing, Hot Dog Dressing, Original & Extra Garlic Dressing, Original & Extra Chili Ketchup, Curry Dressing, Original & Extra Curry Ketchup, Crème Fraiche Dressing, Pommes Frites Dressing, Pølse Ketchup, Remoulade, Bearnaise, Thousand Island Dressing, Hot Ketchup with Jalapeno Pepper, Yellow Tomato Ketchup, Sweet French Mustard, Mustard

  • Frozen Bread & Buns: Hamburger Buns and Hot Dog Buns with or without sesame / linseeds / watersplit, in different dimensions

  • Crispy Fried Onion

Barkhill Foods Solutions

  • Retail & Food Service Market
  • Private Label Solutions
  • Co-Branding Solutions
  • Flexible on Volume & Purpose
  • Bottles & Labels Design
  • Securing Value in Supply Chain

Product Quality & Certifications

We are currently delivering to some of the strictest clients in the Scandinavian market and our entire supply chain is fully certified by independent auditors and client auditors.

Our entire workflow and all product quality mesures are constantly audited by the Danish Food Authority and, based on their audits, we are operating at the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

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