By Vega Salmon A/S

We have developed the unique Purity specification in close collaboration with our suppliers Kleiva and Gratang from the northern part of Norway. The non-negotiable principles behind the Purity concept are: Farmed at low density High traceability High sustainability Environmental focus Raised by our trusted partners Purity Salmon is raised by two impassioned and progressive Norwegian farmers, who are caring for the environment and constantly follow the impact of their salmon farming in Astafjord.

The farmers want to create value locally and to help develop the society they are a part of. Therefore they reinvest their profits locally to develop their business and create more jobs. HEALTHY BY NATURE - All Purity Salmon products have been handled, hand-cut and smoked with care at our modern facilities in Handewitt, Germany. And always under highly controlled and top hygienic conditions.

From nature’s generous hand, Purity Salmon is rich in Omega-3, protein and vitamin D.