Jacobsens Bakery

Jacobsens Bakery Ltd. ( former Intergoods Bakery Ltd. ) was established in 1962 by Mr. Sigurd Jacobsen and is 100% owned by the Jacobsen family.
In 1967 the company commenced export and marketing of traditional Danish Butter Cookies in tins under its own brands using domestic manufacturers to co-pack the products. In 1984 the first state-of-the art, fully automated baking and packing line was installed at the new factory location in Hedensted and ever since the company has grown substantially through investments in the latest technology to secure capacity, a high and consistent quality level, flexibility and just in time delivery. In 2001 the company changed its name from Intergoods Bakery Ltd. to Jacobsens Bakery Ltd.

Today Jacobsens Bakery Ltd. exports to more than 80 countries and is the preferred supplier by major retailers all over the world of Danish quality cookies packed in an extensive range of traditional tins, added value tins and other pack types - a position, which has been reached through detailed knowledge about the constant changes in market- and consumer demands and consequently constant innovation within products and designs.
Jacobsens Bakery offers an extensive range of classic and new innovative tins as well as a range of bags and cartons - in several sizes and formats – all packed with Danish quality cookies. The extensive range of products and designs are tailored to meet our retail customers’ requirements for high rotating quality products for everyday listings, seasonal listings and special promotions throughout the year.

For detailed information about our product range please visit www.jacobsens-bakery.com or contact us here:
Jacobsens Bakery Ltd. A/S
PO Box 99

8722 Hedensted

Phone: (+45) 76 75 27 30
Fax: (+45) 75 89 05 87